We Are All In

The planet needs our help. Five years ago, the world came together to sign the Paris Agreement. In that time, a lot of progress has been made toward a more inclusive, resilient, zero-carbon America. But continued action is needed. Teton Waters Ranch is marking the anniversary and committing to action by joining thousands of leaders from local governments, businesses, universities, and other institutions across the country and signing the “America Is All In” statement. 

“Teton Waters Ranch was founded as an act of environmental activism and the team works passionately each and every day to help heal our planet with the wonders of grass-fed beef and regenerative agriculture,” said Mike Murray, CEO of Teton Waters Ranch. “So of course, we are enthusiastically all in for bold climate action and the important opportunity to challenge, innovate and lead our way to a better future for all.”

On Saturday, December 12, 2020, this statement will be placed in an open letter in The Washington Post and delivered to the incoming Biden-Harris administration, as well as to United Nations officials and global heads of state at the Climate Ambition Summit hosted by the United Kingdom. 

“December 12th is more than an anniversary of an agreement, it represents a critical turning point for the future of U.S. and global climate action,” said Elan Strait, Director of US Climate Campaigns at World Wildlife Fund (WWF). “Nationally, we have stumbled in our leadership on climate action. But We Are Still In shows that there was a commitment to change in the United States that never faltered. Today’s support from Teton Waters Ranch and hundreds of businesses like them across the country sends a clear message that, moving forward, we need a unified national response to the climate crisis.”  

The “America Is All In” declaration is organized by We Are Still In, a coalition in support for climate action and a pledge to uphold the United States commitments to reduce emissions under the Paris Agreement. With more than 3,900 organizations and institutions across all sectors of the United States, these leaders represent over half of the national population, nearly two-thirds of the economy, and more than half of the country’s emissions. While the United States officially exited the Paris Agreement on November 4th, the incoming Biden-Harris administration has committed to reentering the unprecedented global agreement.  

 By signing this statement and joining leaders across all sectors, Teton Waters Ranch commits to doing their part to create a 100% clean energy economy and calls for national mobilization on climate and recovery.

View the statement and signatories at AmericaIsAllIn.com

Learn more at WeAreStillIn.com