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The Round Up
The Round-Up
Stories from the tetons and beyond

Uncured Beef Kielbasa Rope Sausage

Bring the flavor of freshly smoked beef into your home with our 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef kielbasa rope sausage. With rich, smoky flavor in every bite, your meals just got a tasty upgrade.

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Rope Sausage Lifestyle Chopped

Jalapeño Cheddar Rope Sausage

Give your tastebuds a ride with our 100% grass-fed beef rope sausage with the tangy bite of Jalapeño Cheddar inside!  All while feeling great about eating pasture raised, grass-fed and finished beef.

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Southwest Style Burger Blend

Our Southwest Style Burger Blends wake up your taste buds thanks to a perfect mix of grass-fed beef, savory mushrooms, flavorful poblano peppers, and other spices. Not too spicy these burgers appeal to anyone who embraces the not bland! Try them with avocado or onion for balanced, healthful meal.   

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Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Burger Blend

All of our grass-fed beef and savory mushroom Burger Blends are created with good vibes in mind. This sea salt and cracked pepper version is our original flavor, with much more taste than your typical “burger-as-usual.” We love them with a bun or without. Pair with a side of grilled vegetables and you’ll be a […]

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Mushroom & Onion Burger Blend

Get a health-conscious and eco-friendly balanced meal without sacrificing taste. A perfect mix of grass-fed beef, savory mushrooms, onion, and sea salt will have your mouth watering and your neighbors wandering over for a bite. Try serving them any time you want to impress your guests.   

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Bun Length Uncured Beef Hot Dogs

Now you can feel great about eating this feel-good classic! Our bun length hot dogs are made with 100% grass-fed and finished beef without any fillers, nitrates, nitrites or added sugar, and they’re juicer than the latest celebrity gossip! Pair them with ballgames, tailgates and friends!

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Original Breakfast Sausage

Original Breakfast Links

Bring the delicious taste of 100% grass-fed beef to your breakfast plate! Delicious and full of flavor, Teton Waters Ranch Original Breakfast Links are the perfect protein source to start your day off right. Fully cooked and frozen, these are ready in minutes.

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Maple Breakfast Sausage

Maple Breakfast Links

Made with 100% grass-fed beef with a hint of sweet maple flavor, Teton Waters Ranch Maple Breakfast Links are just what you’re craving for your morning breakfast. Pair them with your stack of hotcakes or on the go as a healthy protein option. Quick and easy, these links are fully cooked and ready to heat and […]

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Spicy Breakfast Sausage Grass-fed

Spicy Breakfast Links

Need a little kick in your morning routine? Teton Waters Ranch Spicy Breakfast Links are made with 100% grass-fed beef and the perfect blend of spicy red pepper flakes. Juicy and delicious, these links are fully cooked and easy to take on the go, or enjoy for a Sunday breakfast at home.

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TWR 2018 Meatballs

Italian-Style Meatballs

Our gluten-free meatballs are made with grass-fed beef, combined with a savory all-natural marinara sauce. Enjoy on their own, combine with your favorite veggie, or put them over pasta—there’s really no wrong way to devour them! Seasonal Product

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Mini Hot Dogs

Smoked Cocktail Sausages

Perfect for those who love their appetizers and pigs in a blanket made with eco-friendly graze rotation and modern day sustainable ranch management. Yum.

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Hot Dogs

Uncured Beef Hot Dogs

Made with all grass-fed and grass-finished beef and juicy as all get out, we made a feel-great version of a feel-good classic. Don’t believe us? Just ask those people who give out food awards. Goes perfect with a side of BBQs and ball games.

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