Teton Talks: Whole Mamas Podcast

Whole Mamas is a community and branch of Whole30 devoted to supporting women in all stages of motherhood. Through their podcast, co-hosts Stephanie Greunke and Elana Roumell provide tools, resources and evidence-based information so that mothers worldwide can make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Their podcasts range from tips for all stages of motherhood, healthy daily routines to nutritional guidance. Registered dietitian and Whole Mamas program director, Stephanie Greunke, recently interviewed our very own Marketing Director, Nadine Rich to open the discussion of Teton Waters Ranch, 100% grass-fed beef benefits, regenerative agriculture and motherhood in Episode #148: Easy Family Meals with Nadine Rich of Teton Waters Ranch.

Stephanie, who had previously met Nadine at Expo West, admired Nadine’s energy and commitment to a company whose values were very much in line with Whole Mama’s. As a mother of three, Nadine was a perfect candidate to interview for an episode. While facing the common maternal challenges of a work/home balance, Nadine has successfully incorporated healthy routines and nutrition into both her own and family’s lives. 

During the interview, Stephanie asks, “what led you to do the work you’re doing now?” Having previously resided in Chicago, Nadine uprooted her family to beautiful Boulder, Colorado for the opportunity to work at Teton Waters Ranch. Nadine stated, “I was motivated because it is a company I respect so much because of its morals and values.” Teton Waters Ranch’s mission is to create a regenerative and healthy food system for all by being better for three things; the planet, the animals and you. These core values sets TWR apart from other companies. We are focused on each and every step of the production process so that the end result is better for all participants. 

From supporting regenerative agriculture to being Certified Humane, we strive to separate ourselves from conventional farming practices and allow our cattle to live the way nature intended. Our cattle are 100% grass-fed and finished from start to end. They never live in feedlots, are never treated with antibiotics or hormones, and are never fed nitrates or nitrites. Because of these practices, the end result is a product that contains higher levels of vitamins, better quality fat and overall leaner meat. Studies show 100% grass-fed and finished beef products are supposed to help combat heart disease as well as other health risks. Teton Waters Ranch strives to educate our consumers on the health benefits of 100% grass-fed beef, our practices and morals through our monthly newsletter.

To Stephanie, not only is the quality of the end product a huge highlight for her and her team, but Teton Water Ranch’s commitment to all steps of our process is what wow’d her. Specifically for mothers, Stephanie acknowledges the importance of the nutrients found in TWR products. “For people breastfeeding, your breast milk will be filled with these high quality fats that your body is ingesting. We are looking to incorporate more of the grass-fed products into our diet – that is something that we should strive for,” (Stephanie Greunke, Whole Mamas). 

While working full time and being a mother of three, Nadine manages to create healthy routines within her own home. Nadine refers to her day-to-day as ‘organized chaos’ – a term that mothers worldwide can very much relate to. From starting her days with a healthy, nutrient-filled smoothie to ending the day with delicious sheet pan dinners, the Whole Mama’s podcast episode #148 sheds light on Nadine’s personal, Whole30 experience and easy family meals.

Discover more about Teton Waters Ranch and Whole Mamas and listen to the entire podcast here.