Sustainable Eating 101: How One Simple Choice Can Help The Planet

Earth Day is quickly approaching and us here at Teton Waters Ranch love that. Why? Since we were founded in 2009, TWR has made a commitment that our company will do everything we can to be better for the planet, better for the animals, and better for you. In an effort to continue sharing our love for this glorious planet that we live on, we’d like to enter the classroom for Sustainable Eating 101. Just kidding – there’s no classroom involved. BUT many people do not realize that their daily food choices DO have an impact on the environment. And that’s a topic worth discussing.

Let’s start at the beginning. What is sustainable eating? Sustainable eating is about choosing foods that were produced with minimal impact on the environment and that are healthy for our bodies. Now, you might see people in the grocery store reading labels and whispering to themselves, “is it sustainable?” What does sustainability even mean? The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics stated, “In agriculture, the concept of sustainability is applied toward the production of food or other plant or animal products using farming techniques and practices that help to conserve natural resources and have minimal impact on the environment.”

As a company, Teton Waters Ranch recognizes the importance of sustainable farming systems and is constantly working towards creating a better future from the grass up. That is why all of our partnered ranches practice regenerative agriculture. Regenerative agriculture is a system of farming that increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds and enhances ecosystem services. By allowing our cattle to roam freely and spend the entirety of their lives on pasture – eating grass – we are furthering the positive development of the land. How so? The process begins by planting native grasses on our ranches, rotating our cattle, and letting them fertilize where they eat. This process actually SEQUESTERS carbon back into the earth. We ensure that all of our partnered ranches are Certified Humane and use the regenerative agriculture farming system, so that in the end our production process helps restore native grasslands, rather than hurt them.

Do healthy grasslands create a positive impact on the environment? Great question! Healthy grasslands help purify surrounding air quality, reduce threats of droughts and floods, and support wildlife diversity – and our ranches contribute to all of the above!

To us, sustainability just isn’t enough. In addition to supporting the environment, TWR wants to create the most humane and comfortable living standards for our cattle. Our cattle have full range to explore the property, without being confined – ever. They are raised on a 100% Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished diet, one that is most natural and closely replicated to those of wild cattle, allow them to digest their meals more easily and grow at a healthy pace. TWR sets out to do things better by supporting a 100% Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished lifestyle for our cattle. By encouraging regenerative agriculture farming systems on our partnered ranches, we strive to create a healthy conditions for our cattle and spread our positive impact on the environment across the nation. We encourage our consumers to take that step past sustainability and work towards reversing the effects of climate change on our planet by choosing foods that are both sustainable and produced sustainably – for us, that is regenerative agriculture.

In our everyday lives, the best way to support sustainable farming is to eat sustainably by choosing products from companies that also support sustainability in through their own practices. With that said, how can you be sure that you are making the right choices? Here are a few tips to help you get started!

4 Tips for Sustainable Eating:

  1. Shop locally – locally sourced food is often produced on a smaller farm, required less carbon emissions during distribution, and typically contains healthier ingredients – and didn’t have to travel as far to get to your plate! Buy produce from local farmers markets and co-ops to ensure that your food was produced sustainably.
  2. Create conversation about food – know what is in your food, ask your friends and neighbors what is in their food, find out how you all can be making better choices that will positively support the planet, and take action!
  3. Support like-minded and eco-conscious companies – companies like Teton Waters Ranch do everything they can to make sure that their production process is eco-friendly. By supporting companies like these, you are supporting generations to come by helping create a better future from the grass up.
  4. Grow food yourself! – Food grown yourself requires absolutely no antibiotics, hormones, nitrates, or nitrites. You know what is in it, and the best part about it – it’s easily accessible in your backyard!

It’s possible. YOU can make a positive impact on the environment with your choices every single day. Celebrate Earth Day and help us create a #BetterFutureFromTheGrassUp by making conscious decisions about your food – the planet thanks you in advance!