Supper Club 101: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Meals

Do you plan weekly meals with your friends and extended family? If you do, do you consider what impact your supper clubs and dinner parties have on the environment? Many people do not realize the extent that each meal preparation has on the environment. To your surprise, almost every step in creating a meal, from the ingredients to the utensils used, has an effect. Teton Waters Ranch is here to help our consumers minimize that impact. As you prepare for your next dinner, use the tips listed below as a guide to create an overall more regenerative meal, from start to finish. 


  • Educate Yourself on Environmental Impacts of our Food System As stated above, our food system has many environmental impacts, and unfortunately – not all of them are good. Starting from the fertilizer used in food production to the fossil fuels emitted during transportation to your local grocery store, the human food system has a huge contribution to the growing environmental concerns in our country. It is important to educate yourself on this topic so that you can be apart of the mission to combat this crisis and minimize your household’s footprint on the planet. Continue reading for more information on how exactly to go about incorporating eco-friendly practices in your meals – each action can have a larger impact than you imagine.
  • Discover and Use Regenerative Ingredients While buying processed foods is a quick and easy solution to a meal with little prep, one of our biggest recommendations is to give up that convenience. Instead, discover and use ingredients in your meals that were produced with regenerative, sustainable and responsible practices. Adding foods that are locally grown (i.e. Farmer’s Markets) cuts out the supporting the fossil fuel emissions used to get produce to your local store. In addition to loading up on vegetables, find protein that was responsibly sourced and produced. Craig Cox, Senior VP of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Environmental Working Group stated, “We can change our huge environmental footprint by changing the practices farmers use. This is more confirmation that the way we farm and practice product have profoundly different effects.” Lucky for you, Teton Waters Ranch is one step ahead! Teton Waters Ranch 100% grass-fed beef products are produced from start to finish in a way that is better for the planet, the animals and the consumer. Using strict regenerative agriculture practices, TWR 100% grass-fed and finished beef not only minimally impacts the environment during production, but also contains more healthy fats and vitamins than conventionally produced beef. Meals made with locally grown produce and eco-friendly produced protein, like Teton Waters Ranch, will not only lead to a balanced meal but also decrease your personal contribution to our food system’s environmental impact. 
  • Introduce Eco-Friendly Kitchenware Our society has grown to depend on single-use plastic commodities. The National Geographic outlined that there is 6.9 billion tons of plastic waste on Earth. More specifically, 700 species, including endangered ones, have been affected by this waste. (National Geographic, 2018). Now is our chance to recognize the plastic crisis and act on it! By introducing eco-friendly utensils and kitchenware in your household, (i.e. wooden spoons) will contribute to lowering your environmental footprint. More specifically for your supper club, be sure to introduce additional, sustainable utensils and kitchenware. For inspiration, we’ve listed a few below:
    • Glass Containers vs. Plastic
    • Laminated Bowl Covers (to replace plastic wrap)
    • Steel Straws
    • Reusable Food Wraps
    • Reusable Produce Bags
    • Cloth Napkins vs. Paper Napkins
  • Environmentally-Friendly Talking Points Now that you’ve educated yourself on the environmental impacts your weekly meals can have, it’s time to share that information. Educate your guests on the topic and help spread the message and mission to create a regenerative food system for all. Prepare some talking points for you and your guests, share what steps you’ve taken to make your meal more eco-friendly, and start making a difference today!

Each little action can make a difference for our planet and we want you to get on board. For meal inspiration for this week’s supper club, try making our Keto Stuffed Jalapeños as an appetizer. Made with locally grown produce and filled with TWR 100% grass-fed beef protein, this is an app your guests will love.