Our Thoughts on Nitrates

At Teton Waters Ranch we work hard each and every day to provide you and your family with healthy products made only from 100% grass-fed and finished beef and the cleanest ingredients possible. All of our products are made with just a few, high-quality ingredients. And we want you to feel completely informed about each ingredient we use. You can learn more about our main ingredient, 100% grass-fed and finished beef in this recent post


But here we want to address two little ingredients that make a big impact on the quality and safety of our products: celery powder and sea salt. Food safety is our number one priority and these ingredients act as natural preservatives. Using celery powder and sea salt in our products reduces spoilage and potential food pathogens, safely giving our products a longer shelf life and allowing you more time to enjoy them. 


Including these natural ingredients means we do not need to add artificial or synthetic preservatives, maintaining our commitment to bring you the cleanest product possible. Many processed meats, like hot dogs and sausages, are made with chemical or synthetic preservatives like sodium nitrite. Synthetic sodium nitrites & nitrates are used to cure meat, giving it a pink color and extended shelf life. Teton Waters Ranch achieves the same level of food preservation and safety using celery powder and sea salt to naturally cure our meat products, without the need to add artificial alternatives. 


This is where we want to explain descriptions you see on our packaging because it can be confusing, and you deserve full transparency. Since we do not use chemical or synthetic preservatives, like sodium nitrite, our products must be labeled as uncured, according to USDA guidelines. The absence of synthetic preservatives in our products also requires us to include “No Nitrites or Nitrates Added” on our packaging. This USDA required statement often sparks questions, because we qualify that with the distinction “Except those naturally occurring in sea salt and celery powder.” 


That’s right. Celery powder and sea salt have naturally occurring nitrites. In fact, they occur naturally in many foods due to the soil our crops are grown in. Broccoli, carrots, celery, leafy greens – all contain nitrates, which our body converts to nitrites when we eat them. Vegetables are one of the biggest sources of nitrites in our diet. Nitrites are even present in our drinking water. Currently, the USDA does not treat synthetic nitrites and nitrates the same as those naturally occurring in foods like celery powder and sea salt. Which is why we are required to include the statement of “No Nitrites or Nitrates Added” on our packaging. But we will always be fully transparent about our ingredients and that is why we also add the information about “those naturally occurring in sea salt and celery powder.” 


At Teton Waters Ranch we believe using celery powder and sea salt as natural preservatives is the best possible way to bring you high quality products that meet the highest standards of food safety, taste incredible and contain only clean ingredients. We respect and understand all concerns around nitrites and nitrates. We’ve made the decision we feel is best. And we sincerely hope you will make Teton Waters Ranch 100% grass-fed and finished beef products a part of your healthy meals.