How Can A Beef Company Be Better For The Animals?

Being “better for the animals” may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a beef company, but it should be when you think of Teton Waters Ranch. While it seems contradictory, it is possible and we are doing it! TWR strives to create the best conditions to ensure a humane way of life for our cattle. All of our beef is 100% Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished, and Certified Humane. Now, what exactly does that mean?

Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC), a leading nonprofit organization, has made it their mission to improve the lives of animals in farm production by setting rigorous standards and inspection processes. In order for beef products to be labeled as Certified Humane, the folks we partner with must meet HFAC’s highest standards of animal welfare – sometimes we even exceed them. It is important to us that all ranches we partner with share the same values and create an environment for 100% grass-fed animals and pasture-raised beef.

TWR proudly stands by our “No Feedlot” commitment and our Certified Humane badge. We ensure that our cattle spend the entirety of their lives on pasture, where they are able to roam freely and not crammed into pens. By maintaining 100% grass-fed practices, the cattle are living and eating the way nature intended, without any antibiotics or hormones, ever. More commonly, farms stick to grain-based diets, for cost effective and weight-gaining reasons, and keep their cattle in tight living quarters. To us, that is simply not an option.

From the food that our animals eat, to the monitoring and care they receive – we very much practice what we preach. It is a priority that our partnered ranches provide the healthiest and most natural environments to ensure that our process as a beef company is in fact, better for the animals.