Easy & Delicious Fourth of July Dishes

Warm weather has officially arrived and that means countless backyard BBQs, and of course, Fourth of July festivities! What is better to eat on a hot day than a meal that is filling, light and also good for you? Those are quite the all-encompassing qualities of a Summer meal. You may be thinking to yourself, where do I start? What can I make this year that is both tasty and refreshing? Don’t worry, TWR has got you covered!

Teton Waters Ranch wants our consumers to be more than prepared to serve delicious and nutrient-filled meals to their family and friends this Summer. You can take the first step to prepare meals that are better for you by cooking 100% grass-fed beef! Did you know that 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef contains better quality fat content, including 2-4 times more Omega-3 fatty acids and 3-5 times for CLA’s? All are believed to reduce heart disease, blood pressure and cancer risks. How great is it that by making a simple food choice, you are also helping your overall health? And not only that – your friend’s and family’s health too!

Teton Waters Ranch is here to give you all of the inspiration that you need to make your Fourth of July party as delicious as can be. Now, we may be biased to use 100% grass-fed beef, but when our beef products are paired with vegetables, they create the wholesome and nutritious Summer meals of your dreams. We swear your tastebuds will thank you! With that said, gardening season is flourishing and now is the time to bring your garden to the table. We’ve created two easy and light recipes, Sausage Caprese Bites with Homemade Keto Pesto and Light & Nutritious Quinoa Salad with 100% Grass-Fed Beef Sausage, that will bring your garden fresh vegetables to life and make your guests’ stomachs and minds happy.

Our Sausage Caprese Bites with Homemade Keto Pesto is the perfect appetizer to put out for your guests to grab-and-go while mingling without having to stop in place or sit down to eat. Harvest your garden-grown cherry tomatoes that morning and serve your friends an appetizer that they will be thinking about for days. With a prep/cook time of only 25 minutes, these caprese bites are designed to hit all of your desired tastes, from delicious 100% Grass-Fed Beef Sausages to cheese, juicy tomatoes, a complimentary bite of basil, and to top it all off a sharp homemade keto pesto – the flavors don’t stop!

That’s not all we have for you! With all of the laughing and Summer cheer occurring in your own backyard, your guests are bound to be hungry for more. Our Light & Nutritious Quinoa Salad with 100% Grass-Fed Beef Sausage recipe is another great way to bring your garden straight to the table. This colorful and vegetable-loaded quinoa salad is bursting with flavor because the quinoa is not only cooked in water, but also with our secret ingredient, Bonafide Beef Bone Broth – yum! Dress the salad with a homemade lemon citrus dressing and enjoy a plate that your palate will crave again and again. Your guests will be so pleased to be served a light, yet filling, salad to go along with their 100% Grass-Fed Beef Hot Dogs and Burger Blends!

It is quite possible to make your Summer Fourth of July celebration absolutely delicious and also, better for you and your guests. Start with these recipes as inspiration and let the festivities begin!