Celebrate Summer With Wholesome Ingredients

Summer is almost here and it’s time to celebrate! Here at Teton Waters Ranch, we strive to encourage our consumers to eat healthy and wholesome ingredients that in the end, are better for them. It’s quite possible to create a balanced meal that will provide all of the necessary food groups and nutrients to give you and your family energy to take on anything, and we here at TWR want to show you the way! Before you head out to do your summer grocery shopping, it’s important to know the benefits of grass-fed beef and why TWR 100% grass-fed beef products are, in fact, better for you.

Our cattle are 100% grass-fed and finished, from start to end. In addition, our cattle are never treated with antibiotics, hormones, nitrites or nitrates, ever! Teton Waters Ranch 100% grass-fed beef products naturally contain better quality fat content, including 2-4 times more Omega-3 fatty acids and 3-5 times more CLA’s, which are believed to reduce heart disease and cancer risks.

Esther Blum, a certified dietician, stated in her book ‘Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat’ that eating an appropriate amount of healthy fats, such as those found in grass-fed beef, allows your body to properly produce hormones (Blum, pg. 36). Adding the correct amount of healthy and lean protein in your diet, like TWR 100% grass-fed beef products, will play a key role in your body’s vital metabolic processes. In a 1:1 interview with Esther and Teton Waters Ranch she stated, “eating 100% grass-fed beef will be beneficial to anyone’s diet because the meat was made the way nature intended it to be. 100% grass-fed beef will give your body the correct amount of Omega-3 fatty acids to fight inflammation, lower your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, and increase fatty acid activations.” 

With summer quickly approaching – TWR wants to shift our consumers’ focus to creating meals that are made with wholesome ingredients. By pairing TWR 100% grass-fed beef products with vegetables and fruit in your summer meals, your family will consume all of the necessary nutrients in order to take on any and all warm weather activities! We’re sharing one of our favorite summer recipes, Colorful Pineapple & Sausage Skewers with Homemade Whole30 BBQ Sauce. What’s better than a little bit (or a lot) of color? These skewers are the perfect backyard barbecue meal that will fill-up your guests and put smiles on your family and friend’s faces. Made with TWR 100% Grass-Fed Beef Dinner Sausages (without cheese to be Whole30 friendly), pineapple, and colorful vegetables – this is a recipe you do not want to pass up this Summer season.

These colorful skewers are just the beginning of your nutrient-heavy, Summer meals! Before heading out for your summer grocery run, remember to buy ingredients that are in the end, better for you.

Here at Teton Waters Ranch, we are on a mission to create a regenerative, humane and healthy food system for all by being better for the animals, the planet and you. Learn more about our mission and products in the video below:

To read more about the benefits of 100% grass-fed beef, visit dietician, Esther Blum’s blog.