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Yes, we make delicious, 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef, but we also craft recipes that are designed to take your meals to the next level. Whether you’re starting your Whole30 journey, looking for some gluten-free goodness, or just want to try something new, we’ve got you covered.

Whole30 Spicy Breakfast Sausage Hash
Recipe credit: @Honest_Avocado
Wildly Fall & Sausage Rice
Recipe credit:
Cabbage and Sausage Skillet
Recipe credit to:  IngrainingNutrition Prep time: 10 min Cook time: 30 min Ready in : 40 min Servings: 4  Note: Can take less time depending on type of rice used and method of cooking
Spicy Mummy Sausages Recipe
Looking for the perfect Halloween snack? These are it! @twrgrassfedbeef is always so flavor packed. They also use 100% grass fed beef and care about the planet, our natural ecosystems and regenerative agriculture.  I used 3 packages of @twrgrassfedbeef Spicy...
Sheet Pan Kielbasa and Potatoes
This sheet pan kielbasa and potatoes is a hearty meal that comes together quickly and is full of flavor! It is perfect for September Whole30 or a weeknight meal. Serve with a side salad, half an avocado, or have it...
Restaurant Style Burger
Craving a low-carb version of a restaurant styled burger? Don't pay top prices for a top burger if you can do it yourself at home! Enjoy a lettuce wrap double cheeseburger with this secret sauce. See the recipe below!
Savory “Doggies n’ Cakes” Pancakes
Recipe by Bravo TV's Top Chef Season 5 winner, Hosea Rosenberg Photo by IG User @honest_avocado Serves 4  Big kids and little kids alike will love these tasty treats up for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time!! 
Whole30 Breakfast Hash
Recipe by IG User @honest_avocado   It's time to end the days of boring breakfast. Upgrade yours with the hash below.
TWR Burger with Grilled Veggie Stack & Chunky Pesto Tapenade
Recipe Created by Top Chef Winner Chef Hosea Photography by IG User @honest_avocado   Serves 4  The best way to build summer’s favorite sandwich is with delights from the garden! You can switch out or add other veggies like yellow...
Summertime Lowcountry Boil Salad
Recipe by Lauren Manaker   Serves 8 Cook Time: 30 min Prep time: 5 min Total Time: 35 Min
Whole30 Frittata Egg Muffins
Recipe below by IG User @Honest_avocado   A breakfast that doesn't just taste better, but is better for you, too!
Air Fried Bratwurst with Peppers and Onions
Recipe by IG User @Organicallyaddison Prep Time: 5 minutes Cooking Time: 10 minutes Total Time: 15 minutes Servings: 4
Grilled Sausage & Broccoli
Recipe by Top Chef winner Chef Hosea Image created by IG user @honest_avocado   If you can handle a meal created by a Top Chef winner, this recipe is for you!
Whole30 Egg Muffins
Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 25 minutes Total Time: 30 minutes Servings: 6 muffins   Recipe by @organicallyaddison. Recipe is also located at her site:
Simple Burger Salad
Recipe by IG User @honest_avocado This recipe for a Simple Burger Salad lets you skip the bun while still getting the delicious flavor of a burger all at once. It’s easy to prepare, so you can have a tasty, better-for-you...
Creamy Red Pepper Spaghetti Squash Bake
This dairy-free Creamy Red Pepper and Sausage Spaghetti Squash Bake is perfect for a busy week when you can make it ahead of time, and enjoy the leftovers later on! And your friends and family will be shocked it’s paleo...
Gluten-Free Cheese Fondue with Grass-Fed Beef Sausage & Vegetable Dippers
Fondue something different for dinner tonight with this gluten-free cheese fondue. With veggies and 100% grass-fed, grass-finished for dipping, every bite will be a delight. 
Crescent Roll Hot Dog Twists
A recipe that kids and parents both love, these Crescent Roll Hot Dog Twists are an easy way to add some fun to your family’s go-to meals.
Backyard Spaghetti Squash Skillet Meal
Let veggies be your guide with this Backyard Spaghetti Squash Skillet Meal. Made with 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef sausage, this recipe is a delicious way to add something new to your repertoire.
Whole30 Tomato Basil Sausage Frittata
Start your day the Whole30 way with this recipe for a Whole30 Tomato Basil Sausage Frittata. For a simple, delicious way to spice up your morning routine, this breakfast can’t be beat.
Chili Dog
This Chili Dog recipe made with 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef sets the bar for chili dogs everywhere. After just one bite, you’ll be sending this recipe to everyone you know.