It’s Not Too Late to Plant These Veggies and Herbs This Summer!

It’s Not Too Late to Plant These Veggies and Herbs This Summer!

It’s Not Too Late to Plant These Veggies and Herbs This Summer!

We’ve put together a quick guide about the best herbs and veggies to grow for each region of the country this summer. And if you’re looking for recipes to incorporate these into, we’ve got some tasty ideas as well! Let’s get outside and get our hands dirty, shall we?


Where do you live?: Northern New England, the north-central United States, the Rocky Mountain region, and Alaska

What can you grow?: Arugula, beets, broccoli, carrots, cilantro, lettuce spinach, kale

Summers in these areas are often milder, meaning that veggies and herbs of all stripes can produce well into the fall season. With a haul of carrots, you can easily whip up a garden fresh sheet-pan meal, like this one that makes use of our jalapeño cheddar sausage, and with fresh spinach, our egg wraps are easier than ever! 


Where do you live?: Northern Midwest and southern New England

What can you grow?: Basil, Brussels sprouts, carrots, kale, radish, squash, turnips

The benefit of these regions is that it is not atypical for them to experience heat waves into autumn, which allows root vegetables such as radishes, turnips, beets, and carrots to all grow with relative ease. Not only that, you can add squash to your fall grilling plans, as it goes great with our grass-fed sausages on kebabs! In herb territory, some fresh basil can go a long way, and will make a tomato basil sausage frittata truly pop first thing in the morning. 


Where do you live?: Pacific Northwest, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic states

What can you grow?: Arugula, beets, broccoli, carrots, cilantro, dill, parsley, peas

These regions all share mild temperatures and have seasonal conditions that are advantageous for a whole host of veggies. With some fresh arugula, you can easily make an Italian sandwich with some grass-fed, grass-finished beef, and with a little parsley in play, you can make a fall medley that goes great on the grill.


Where do you live?: The southern United States and California

What can you grow?: Brussels sprouts, eggplant, peas, peppers, squash, tomatoes

Unlike other areas we’ve highlighted, the warmer conditions in these regions make it so tomatoes, peppers, and even eggplant can be grown even into the early stages of winter. Not only that, members of the squash family can be planted and enjoyed within a month’s time. With those at your disposal, you can make this squash that’s stuffed with sausage, eggs, and sage, and with your peas and peppers, a smoked sausage and veggie pasta salad is easier than ever!


Where do you live?: Hawaii

What can you grow?: Eggplant, garlic, melon, peppers, sweet potatoes, tomatoes

For those of you in Hawaii, you have year-round growing potential, which means that melons, sweet potatoes, and garlic become suitable midsummer planting options. With the ability to make garlic, why not try making some garlic aioli and pair it with a grass-fed burger bowl, and with sweet potatoes being able to be grown, you can even turn them into nifty hot dug buns!  


For those of you looking for an even more in-depth guide, head on over to the USDA’s website to learn exactly what zone you fit in, so you can come up with midsummer planting options that perfectly suit where you live. And with a whole host of recipes on our site, no matter what veggies and herbs you can grow, we’ll always have something totally delicious for you to pair with your harvest. Because after all, happy gardening makes for happy grilling!



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