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Partnering to help restore vital grasslands.

Savory Institute Partnership

Teton Waters Ranch started out as an experiment in environmental conservation, when our founders worked to rehabilitate the abused soil of an old potato farm. Our animals have always played a crucial role in that restoration. By planting native grasses, rotating cattle, and letting them fertilize where they eat, we’ve created a food system that is both sustainable and healthy. We’re expanding that vision by partnering with the Savory Institute, a global nonprofit dedicated to the restoration of the world’s grasslands through holistic management.

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A sounder future starts with grass

Grasslands cover one third of the earth’s land surface and are a critical ecosystem for human civilization. Healthy grasslands help purify air, reduce threats of droughts and floods, and support wildlife diversity. The deep, fertile soils they build help improve food security, and, by sequestering carbon, can help mitigate the effects of climate change.

But the world’s grasslands are in trouble. Today, some 70% of them have been degraded, due to human and environmental factors such as urban sprawl, overgrazing, and the growing effects of climate change.

Correcting the imbalance.

Holistic Management works towards making a change, with properly managed land and livestock. Using principles of holistic planned grazing, where animals mimic the traditional patterns of wild herds by moving across grasslands, animals can till and fertilize the earth, aerating soils and helping grass flourish.

Exploring best practices.

In our support of the Savory Institute, we’ll continue to seek answers about how regenerative agriculture and holistic management can impact the health of our soil and land health.

Better for the Animals

Teton Waters Ranch began with a mission to rehabilitate land by allowing cattle do what they do best: graze freely. In doing so, we’ve been able to create healthier beef products. See what 100% grass-fed means for you »

Regenerative Agriculture
Teton Waters Ranch May 9, 2018