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Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is something we’re deeply committed to. It’s a way of farming that works with nature rather than against it. By farming the way nature intended, we get deep, life-giving soil for a healthier planet and better food sources for all of us. (Including the animals!)

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Why Regenerative Agriculture?

“TWR has been practicing and supporting regenerative agriculture since before “regenerative” was even a common term. Our original ranch in Idaho had been an industrial agriculture site for decades, specifically a potato farm. The combination of replanting native grasses and grazing those grasses with cattle resulted in soil redevelopment, erosion reduction, rainwater absorption, and overall return of biodiversity. Insects and important macroinvertebrates returned first, then came the birds, and then deer, elk, and other wildlife that had been pushed from the land. And all this from a combination of vision, hard work, and allowing nature to heal itself. That’s regenerative agriculture… it’s the pathway to healing the wrongs of our industrial agricultural complex,” says Ethan Chutkow, VP of Operations. That practice is at the core of what we do at TWR, as working to restore native grasslands helps combat soil degradation, air and water pollution, and climate change is just as important as providing certified-humane, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef.

“We are always striving to leave a positive environmental footprint, so moving forward with a system that contributes to reversing the effects of climate change was deemed not just sustainable, but necessary,” says TWR CEO Mike Murray, and it’s why Regenerative Agriculture is part of everything we do here, from the top down.

Ranchers we support – and depend on.

We have a common vision with our ranchers to grow better food within a thriving ecosystem. Together, we are practicing and promoting more natural farming practices and improving the quality of care for the land and the animals.

It takes a village.

Ranchers aren’t the only partners we depend on. We believe in many causes and non-profit organizations that share our vision for the future. Learn more about our partners at The Savory Institute, Climate Collaborative, Kiss the Ground, and Sustainable Dish.


Better for the Animals

Teton Waters Ranch began with a mission to rehabilitate land by allowing cattle do what they do best: graze freely. In doing so, we’ve been able to create healthier beef products.  See what 100% grass-fed means for you »

Teton Waters Ranch June 29, 2020