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Grass Fed Cows In Pasture
100% Grass-fed.
The way nature intended.

100% Grass-fed

All Teton Waters Ranch beef cattle are 100% grass-fed, from start to finish. That’s because grass is what cattle have evolved to eat over thousands of years. We know it makes for a healthier, happier animal—and healthier, happier eating for you.

See how we are creating a better future—from the grass up:

Grass-Fed Sausages On Grill

A far cry from “conventional”

By opting for grass-fed beef, we opted out of the unnatural way most beef is produced today, where cattle spend much of their lives far from the grass they love. Instead, they’re crammed into feedlots and fed what bulks them up the fastest—starchy foods like corn and soybeans, which their digestive tracts have a hard time handling. Sometimes it makes them sick.

Meat raised this way could make us sick, too. Conventionally-raised cattle are routinely fed antibiotics and hormones designed to make them grow faster and prevent diseases. Studies show that wide use of antibiotics fuels the spread of antibiotic-resistant superbugs—a major public health threat. That’s why our cattle receive no antibiotics, and no hormones, ever.

The way nature intended.

Our cattle spend all their lives on pasture, foraging for grass in summer and hay and sileage (stored grass) in the winter. All those good greens make grass-fed beef higher in healthy fatty acids and some vitamins.

Clean ingredients.

When we turn our great beef into even tastier sausages and frankfurters, we need only a few simple, clean ingredients (read our package labels and see for yourself!), and we never add nitrites or nitrates.

It’s the way we want to feed ourselves, our families, and you.

Better for the Animals

Making healthier beef products, from the ground up—literally. All of our ranches are 100% grass-fed, which means our cattle are always grazing freely. What it really means to be Certified Humane »

100 Grass-Fed Product Cutting Board
Teton Waters Ranch May 9, 2018