5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Eating Habits this Season with TWR

The sun is out and flowers are starting to bloom, and it’s time to refresh your eating habits. Out with the old and in with the new. Many people do not realize that by opting to eat 100% Grass-Fed Beef, you are simultaneously feeding your body with high-quality protein and nutrients while taking care of the planet. This season, Teton Waters Ranch wants to help you spring clean your eating habits with 5 easy tips.

1. Re-Evaluate What You Are Eating – Have you noticed your eating habits dwindling away and getting almost out of control? TWR proposes that this spring, you re-evaluate what you are eating. To lay it out, we’ve created a list of food groups that you should avoid and food groups that you should add into your diet to ensure that you are receiving high-quality ingredients and filling your body with the nutrients that it needs.

  • Try Adding these Food Groups to Your Diet:
    • High-Quality Protein – these animals were fed their natural diet (TWR’s 100% Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished Beef), not supplemented with GMO grains, hormones or antibiotics, raised and slaughtered humanely. 100% Grass-Fed Beef products, like all of TWR’s product catalogue, are higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, CLA’s, and Vitamins A and E.
    • Fruits, Vegetables and Leafy Greens – a great source for Vitamins A, C and E, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, and folic acid – all of which can help lower your cholesterol, lower your blood sugar, and maintain healthy weight.
    • Whole-Grain Foods – these are important sources of nutrients such as zinc, magnesium, B vitamins, and fiber. Examples: barley, brown rice, whole-wheat bread, pasta or crackers. (Note: not all food items labeled whole-wheat are whole-grain – read the label)
  • Try to Cut Down From the Following:
    • Added Sugars – packaged foods are often loaded with hidden added sugars, putting you at risk for weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Try adding other spices to increase the flavor of your favorite recipes without adding sugars, and give these Whole30 Recipes a try!
    • Refined Grains – these grains have been almost entirely stripped of all fiber, vitamins and minerals. Examples: White Flour, White Rice. (Check food labels to see if the products lists whole grains as the first and second ingredient)

2. Cut Back on Eating Out – Eating out and at restaurants can drain your wallet, this spring TWR is encouraging all of our consumers to get back in the kitchen. If you think about it, do you ever know all of the ingredients going into meals made by other people? We think not. There are many pros to grocery shopping and preparing your own meals at home. When doing so, you know exactly what you are eating, able to control your portion sizes, and make sure that you and your family are creating well-balanced dishes for every meal. Get started with some of our favorite recipes on the blog!

3. Read the LabelMany people fill their entire carts in grocery stores without reading a single food label. Reading the label might prevent you from buying a product entirely. Before you go, know what to look for:

  • Find choices that are lower in:
    • Saturated (solid) Fats
    • Added Sugars (Sucrose, Maltose, Dextrose)
  • Look for fiber – if a product has at least 3mg/serving, it is a good source of fiber.
  • Check the ingredients list – do you recognize the ingredients? You should be able to.
    • Look for lists that are as short as possible and contain whole-food ingredients.
    • It is a major RED FLAG if you are unable to pronounce a long list of ingredients.
  • Make sure all products are tightly packaged and well-sealed.

4. Get Outside & Grill – It’s springtime and the sun is shining. Now that you’ve done your shopping and are ready to get into the kitchen – let’s create a nutritious and balanced meal. Get your family and friends together for a grill-out! At TWR, we love to pair our 100% grass-fed beef products, like our Mushroom & Onion Burger Blend, with delicious vegetables of your choosing. 100% Grass-Fed Beef has been proven to contain higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, CLA’s, and Vitamins A and E. By opting for grass-fed beef and pairing the meal with high fiber vegetables, you are guaranteeing that your body receives high-quality protein and loads of vitamins and nutrients. By making your own meal at home, you will know exactly what ingredients you are consuming, ensuring that the food is better for you and that it’s production process was better for the animals and planet.

5. Change Your Eating Habits – When re-evaluating what you are eating, you may have to change your eating habits entirely. TWR products are extremely friendly to a handful of diets especially, Whole30 and Keto.

  • Embark in the Whole30 Challenge – This challenge requires you to completely eliminate high-craving food groups like sugar, grains, dairy, and legumes from your diet. How is that possible? Lucky for you, a handful of your favorite TWR products became officially Whole30 approved in February 2019. We love getting creative with our Whole30 recipes and bringing you inspiration!
  • The Keto Diet – This is a low-carb, high-fat diet that offers many health benefits. The diet requires you to reduce carbohydrate intake and replace them with beneficial fat and high-quality protein. Teton Waters Ranch has made an effort to provide a handful of keto-friendly recipes to make your meal-prep each week a little bit easier. Today we are sharing a Keto Burger Recipe with Homemade MCT Ketchup, made with Bulletproof MCT oil.