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New Products

  • Uncured Beef Frankfurters

    A traditional, uncured, all beef frankfurter recipe. Skinless, smoked & fully cooked, this beef frank is perfect for grilling.

  • Uncured Andouille Beef Sausage

    This clean label sausage is Cajun-style with an infusion of red and black pepper heat. Great on a bun for those who enjoy a little spice in their links.

  • Uncured Beef Thuringer Sausage

    A smoked and veg-cured (no nitrites or nitrates) sausage with the flavor of a bratwurst but the bite of a frank. A true German sausage.

  • Cooked Uncured Beef Polish Sausage

    A medium grind sausage with a full dose of garlic. Perfect for grilling and best served on a bun, but a great compliment to many dishes.


"Teton Waters beef is the best grass-fed beef I have had the opportunity to provide to customers in my career. I am very proud to serve this product to our wonderful customers."



Have you tasted the difference?

All of the items we produce are made with 100% grass-fed beef. All cattle eat only grass their entire lives and are given ample room to roam – consistent with their evolution as ruminants. The meat and the fat contained in truly grass-fed beef is healthier, and has a more robust beef flavor than feedlot beef finished on grain.

Whether you are ordering pre-cut steaks directly from us via our website or picking up a package of our award winning hot dogs at your local grocery store, the care we take in producing food with the TWR label is the same. We invite you to taste the difference.

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