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What's the story behind your name, Teton Waters Ranch?

Our ranch is located right at the base of the Tetons, on the Idaho side. That picture you see on our homepage is of the eastern portion of our ranch, which rolls down to the Teton River. Those waters provide our land and our cattle with the growth and health that makes our beef so unique. We do not take this resource for granted. In fact, we've opted to highlight that unmatched difference in our name, Teton Waters. Makes sense now, right?

Does grass-fed beef cook differently than commodity beef?

Yes, it sure does. Grass-fed beef typically has a lower fat content than grain-fed beef. The fat it does have is full of nutrients that add to the flavor of the cut and the healthiness of the meal. Therefore, you don't necessarily want to trim off all the healthy fat from our TWR beef. Additionally, the leanness of our beef will allow for faster cooking. Please read through our cooking suggestions for more detail on how to best prepare TWR beef.

Why is your ground beef so darned good?

Well, that may sound like a rhetorical question, but we're often asked this. We've heard many complimentary adjectives used to describe our beef. For our ground beef, one very common word has been "clean". And it makes a lot of sense, even though that is not a word commonly used to describe flavor. It has a lot to do with what our beef is, but even more to do with what our beef is not. Clean because it has no chemical products or residues in it. Clean because it contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids as opposed to the less healthy omega-6 found in most all other beef. Clean because it comes from healthy animals. Clean because there is truly nothing unnatural in our beef. That makes for beef that is flavorful, healthy, and just plain good.

Where is TWR located?

Our ranch is located in the secluded Teton Valley, Idaho at the base of the Tetons. We fulfill orders for our online sales from our warehouse in beautiful Denver, Colorado. This facilitates transport and ensures you'll get your order in a timely fashion and in good condition. You can also stop by Monday - Friday at 3560 Brighton Blvd in Denver if you'd like to pick up an order at the store.

How long will it take to get my order?

We fulfill orders on Mondays to ship Tuesdays. So, if you place an order on Friday, for example, your order will ship four days later, on Tuesday. As long as you place your order by the end of the day Sunday, it will be fulfilled then. Our TWR shipping usually takes 2 days.

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Sausage and Peppers |  Simple dinner tonight after a long day. @twrgrassfedbeef sausages were half-price at the market today, so I combined those with lots of peppers and onions from our farm share. Roasted sweet potatoes seasoned with @kasandrinos Lakonia seasoning to finish it off. Perfect. 🙌🏻ItAlan Savory speaking holistic management at @savoryinstitute #artisansofthegrasslands conference in San Francisco. #savoryartisans #holisticmanagementIn San Francisco for the @savoryinstitute Artisans of the Grasslands conference. Excited for the great information and to meet the many people committed to holistic management. #savoryartisansOctober sunset in the Tetons #firstdayofoctober #happyoctober Nice photo @elsa.russellDemos, demos, demos! Jaryd and Allie will be demoing our andouille and frankfurters at @naturalgrocers locations around #denver! Jaryd will be at Northglenn 11-2 and Arvada 3-6. Allie will be at the south Aurora locations from 11-2 and Arapahoe from 3-6. Stop by to say hi and taste some delicious samples! They will be selling through Sunday, so make sure to check our Facebook page for locations! #grassfed #grassfedbeef

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