Why Buy Grass-Fed Beef

Before World War II, almost all the beef raised in the United States was raised on pasture. However, with the advent of fast food chains and the rising demand for beef that was inexpensive and of consistent taste year-round, the factory feedlot was born. About the same time, corn yields began to skyrocket – a result of a combination of genetically modified seeds, chemical fertilizer and pesticide advances, and government subsidies which allow farmers to sell corn at prices below the actual cost of production. Because the supply of corn far outstripped the demand for corn, more uses were developed for this inexpensive commodity crop. Corn became the feed of choice for cattle.

Our promises to you:

  • 100% Grass-Fed.
    Our cattle are true, 100% grass-fed cattle. This means they will never eat grain, ever. Our cattle have free access to a diverse  pallet of rich, nutritious grasses year-round.
  • No Hormones.

    Our cattle will never be administered any growth hormones, ever. They aren't given any beta-agonists or other types of muscle  growth promoting drugs either. They grow as nature intends.

  • No Feedlot.

    We will never place our cattle in a feedlot, ever. Much of the grass-fed beef on the market today comes from cattle that are fed  grass rations while in a feedlot. Not at TWR – our cattle are in open pastures at all times.

  • No Antibiotics.

    Our beef cattle will never receive any antibiotics, ever. If an animal falls ill and requires antibiotics, we treat it but permanetly  remove it from our beef program.

  • Humane Treatment.

    We treat our animals with the highest degree of respect. We never use electric prods or anything similar to move cattle, ever.  We take the responsibility of rasing animals for food very seriously, providing them with as high as quality of life as we can.

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Teton Waters beef is the best grass fed beef I have had the opportunity to provide to customers in my career. I am very proud to serve this product to our wonderful customers.  

    - Paul, Butcher/Meat Buyer in Boulder, CO

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